Repair Station Manuals

Repair Station Manual: This manual will be prepared in accordance with the current Code of Federal Regulations  (CFR), policies of your company and to meet the requirements for CFR Part 145 and per AC 145-9 .

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The Repair Station Manual explains the internal Repair Station System in Detail.

The General Manager, Director of Maintenance, Chief Inspectors, Supervisors, and Inspectors working for this Repair Station and other Repair Station Personnel will either have a current copy or have the manual available on the network and should thoroughly understand its contents.

The Repair Station Manual must be accepted by your Flight Standard District Office.

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Quality Control Manual:  This manual gives a detailed explanation of the following portions of the inspection system:  Incoming  material, raw materials, preliminary inspection, hidden damage, inspection continuity and final inspection of the article being maintained or altered.

The Quality Control Manual is also required to be accepted by your local Flight Standard District Office.

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Training Program Manual contains the policies and procedures your company uses to determine its training requirements and to develop its training program.

The Training Program ensures that Repair Station  employees have the knowledge and skills to perform assigned maintenance, inspection, preventive maintenance, and alteration tasks to meet the requirements of 14 CFR Part 145.163.  The Training Program contents in this manual ensures that your company can respond to your employees changing training needs.

Training Manual is one of the only manuals requiring approval from your local Flight Standard District Office.

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The purpose of the EASA Supplement Manual is to clearly set forth the differences from the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) that need to be accounted for in operating a Repair Station that performs maintenance on non-U.S. registered aircraft and/or components that are under the regulatory control of EASA Member Authorities.

This supplement is therefore, intended to perform maintenance, it shall first apprise itself of the contents of this Supplement, and then perform the special conditions required therein in addition to comply with 14 CFR Part 145 and 14 CFR Part 43.

The EASA Supplement is intended to remind your Company that you are working in accordance with the EASA Part 145 approval certificate and to identify the differences from Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) that need to be taken into account as well as EASA Regulatory requirements.

The EASA Supplement Manual will be required to be accepted by your local Flight Standard District Office for EASA and they will inspect your Repair Station annually using the EASA Form 9.

The EASA Certificate requires renewal every two years.

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Repair Station Forms Manual has been prepared in accordance with the current Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs), and policies of your company.

The Repair Station Forms Manual  gives a detailed explanation of all forms used to properly approve work performed on an  article for return to service.

The Repair Station Forms Manual has samples of preliminary inspection documentation, maintenance documentation, hidden damage documentation, inspection continuity and final inspection of articles being maintained or altered.

The Repair Station Forms Manual set forth the forms used to process work through the Repair Station.

From time to time, the forms are updated to incorporate additional or different information or to provide for easier completion.

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) requires the Repair Station to ensure it records, adequately describe the work it performs.

Any changes to these forms must ensure that if the form is to be the permanent work record, the description of work continues to meet that intent.

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